Thursday, January 3, 2013

Days of December: a 2nd part to our early gift opening

This is partially a re-do/partially a new set of pages for my Days of December album. I had initially paired up the photos of the kids by the tree with my Christmas tree page but I decided I wanted to show my ornaments and decorations alongside my tree so I had to make some changes. I like this better. It makes more sense to me for placement in my book. (Details, details ... I know!)

This is a second set of pages for our early gift opening with just the 4 of us at home. It was a fun night. I like the large photo because it's such a normal everyday photo. It shows my messy table (that's reality) ... it shows my daughter being dramatic and funny ... it shows my son just being cool in his shorts and t-shirt (the style of clothes he wears every single day regardless of the weather). Normal stuff. Love it!

Days of December ... it's coming together quickly.

For these pages I used:
Simply Tiffany Studios: Heart of the Story Template Foundation Pack
Karla Dudley: Heart of the Holidays
Mye de Leon: Vintage Christmas
LivE Designs: Needs+Wants Date Stamps
Fonts: Century Gothic & Channel

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