Saturday, May 30, 2015

Spring Break Vacation | Ziplining & Cave Tubing in Belize

This 2 page layout is super busy but I had so much fun putting together. And you know how I mentioned how quick my last page went together. That was definitely not the case with these pages. I was tweaking these pages for hours. That was a lot of fun too! Good thing I love the process!

Credits Ziplining & Cave Tubing:
All Anna Aspnes Designs:
Find My Way Papers, Abstract Foto Blenz No. 1, Artsy Transfer Breakaway Sample, Wanderlust Transfers, Enroute Transfers, Globetrotter Transfers, Sky's the Limit Transfers & Find My Way Overays

Spring Break Vacation | Cozumel

I hope you aren't getting bored with me sharing so many vacation pages. Can you tell I'm working on my album?

This page, from Cozumel, went together super fast. My pages usually take me a long time to put together but for some reason this one took me less than a half hour. That's so odd. I love it though!

Credits Cozumel:
Materials used: Foto Inspired Template Pack 2A, Art Palette Find My Way No. 2 and Foto Blenz No. 1 by Anna Aspnes Designs tag from Just Jaimee's Storyteller Reed

Friday, May 29, 2015

Enjoy Life Now | 2015 Storyteller Reed Collection

I created this page a week or two ago when I first got to play with the Storyteller Reed collection. I scrapped it before my started my "artsy" spring break vacation album. Now that I look at the page I think it still fits the "artsy" style so I think I'll include this in my vacation album too. Yay! I was thinking I'd just use it in my family album, but I'm glad I can use it in both!

2015 Project Life Weeks 17 and 19 | June Storyteller Reed Collection

I used Just Jaimee's new 2015 Storyteller Reed Collection for June for these pages! I'm always excited when the new Storytellers are released!

1. Storyteller June | Reed by Just Jaimee

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Spring Break | Swimming with the Dolphins

Three more page to share with you tonight ...

Credits Dolphinaris pages:

Foto Inspired Template Pack 2A, Art Palette Wanderlust, Artsy Cameras No. 1, Art Palette Enroute & Artsy Transfers Capture by Anna Aspnes
Sandy Toes by Gina Miller

Credits Good Day Sunshine page:

1. Kinda Sketchy by Splendid Fiins; 2. Skylar by Just Jaimee; 3. Sandy Toes by Gina Miller

Spring Break | Summertime

Ahhh ... I love summer. I'm sitting on my patio with a cup of coffee scrapping for just a short while before work. Heaven!

Credits: 1. 25 Days of Summer Template by Simply Tiffany​; 2. Art Palette Wanderlust papers by Anna Aspnes Designs; 3. Beat the Heat (epoxy & wordart) by Just Jaimee & Mye De Leon; 4. Capped Rainbow by Katie Pertiet Designs; 5. Compass Overlays by Anna Aspnes Designs; 6. elements taken from a 2009 template freebie by Katie Pertiet Designs; 7. Spring Summer Tape by Crystal Wilkerson

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Spring Break Vacation | 5 "artsy" pages to share

I've been great night. I've been designing pages for our spring break vacation album and it's been a lot of fun. I'm really enjoying this "artsy" style for this album! I've got 5 pages to share with you tonight.

FYI, I'm not keeping a real particular list of credits for these pages. Just note that I'm primarily using products by Anna Aspnes along with this and that from other designer's kits in my digi stash.

Spring Break Cruise (2 more pages)

I've got 2 more pages for my spring break vacation album to share with you today!

Credits: On Our Way
Anna Aspnes Designs:
Find My Way Overlays, Journal Transfers, Break Away Sample
Katie Pertiet Designs:
Taped Together Frames No. 3, Twisted Dots, From My Bookshelf Blendables, Mist Brushes No. 1
zeart Art An Open Book paper by Sugarplum Paperie

Credits: Welcome Aboard
1. Art Palette Enroute by Anna Aspnes Designs
2. Art Palette Sky's the Limit by Anna Aspnes Designs;
3. Find My Way Photo Frames No. 1 by Anna Aspnes Designs
4. Photo booth by Paislee Press (camera)
5. Lil Bit Tags by Katie Pertiet Designs

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring Break Vacation | New Orleans (3 more pages!)

I'm having fun getting started on my vacation album. I'm embracing the "artsy" style for this themed album. It sure is different for me, but it's so much fun!

FYI, I'm creating these vacation pages primarily with designs by Anna Aspnes at OScraps.

Spring Break Vacation | New Orleans (Anna Aspnes Designs)

I'm getting started creating my album for our spring break vacation. I decided to go for a different style than my norm for this album and I'm enjoying it. I'd been seeing some really fun pages using Anna Aspnes' artsy designs so I picked up some kits over NSD and I've been playing.  Like I mentioned, it's a stretch from my normal style but it sure is fun to change things up with a theme album. Here are my first few random pages for my album!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Adventure! | May Champions at Scrapaneers

I made this layout using some of the lessons on using gradient maps offered in Tiffany's May Champions class at Scrapaneers ... along with the great kit this month from Just Jaimee called Candy Crush. Fun stuff!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Front & Back album covers!

We had a long car ride and I used that time to be productive and I scrapped my front and back album covers for both of my two 2014 family albums! I'm super excited about them!

Both Front Album Covers Materials:

2. miscellaneous other pieces from other Just Jaimee kits

Back Album Cover Book #1 Materials:

Stylish #127 Beveled Leather Style by Mommyish
Quote: Freebie from Katie Pertiet Designs
Storyteller Quinn papers by Just Jaimee
Autumn Morning (photo corners) by Just Jaimee

Back Album Cover Book #2 Materials:

Various Storytellers: Raine, Quinn and July by Just Jaimee

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Random Snapshots | December 2014

I think this is it! I may just have completed the last pages for my 2014 family album! Whoo hoo! I'm so excited to send it off to print.

Now the busy-ness of finishing an album. I need to make my album intro pages and album covers as well as organize the books. According to my records, I've got about 298 for this book. It's kinda comprehensive, don't you think?! LOL! Now the organization process begins!

Happy dance!

Created with:

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

November 2014 Random Snapshots (Amanda Yi Designs)

Really. I'm so close to finishing up my 2014 album. Now that I've finished my November "Random Snapshots" pages, I might just have Decembers pages left to scrap. Of course at that point I'll take one last look and make sure I don't want to include any more pages, but if not. I'll only have the covers left. I always make the covers last, so once I share that with you, you'll know I'e ordered my book. Hopefully that'll happen this weekend! Fingers crossed!

Created using product all from Amanda Yi Designs at The Digital Press:

1. Enjoy Today | Mini No. 1 by Amanda Yi Designs
2. Enjoy Today | Mini No. 2 by Amanda Yi Designs
3. Enjoy Today | Flairs & Washi Tape by Amanda Yi Designs
4. Enjoy Today | Word Art by Amanda Yi Designs
5. Enjoy Today | Journal Cards by Amanda Yi Designs
6. Project Temps | No. 2 and Project Temps | No. 4 by Amanda Yi Designs