Friday, February 27, 2015

Today is the Day (Spring is in the Air) (Just Jaimee's Storyteller 2015 Bryce Collection)

Just to be clear ... spring is definitely NOT in the air year in 2015. I wish it was! This is a 2014 photo. :) Eventually the weather will warm up, right.

Created using Just Jaimee's amazing Storyteller 2015 Bryce Collection

March 2014 Random Snapshots Collection (Just Jaimee's Storyteller 2015 Bryce Collection)

I've now looked through all the photos I took in March 2014 and decided I've scrapped all the stories I want to tell for my family album for that month. (Nope ... I don't look at my months in any particular order ... I jump around!) Once I've made that decision I go through the month's photos and find photos that I like but that I haven't scrapped in a page of their own. These photos make up my "Random Snapshots" pages. I was so glad when I decided to make these random snapshots pages ... I feel like it makes my book so much more comprehensive. Not all stories are big stories that need their own pages. Sometimes just looking at random snapshots tells a story all it's own don't you think?!

Just Jaimee 2015 Storyteller Bryce and Just Jaimie Doodle Page Borders 2

Family photos ... Just Jaimee's Storyteller 2015 Bryce Collection

My sister-in-law sent me this photo to include on a family calendar I put together at Christmas and it was just an AWESOME photo that I simply HAD to scrap it and include it in my 2014 family album!

BTW ... Just Jaimee released her Storyteller 2015 Bryce collection today. It was perfect for this page!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Volleyball! (Just Jaimee's 2015 Storyteller Hunter Collection)

I'm getting close to finishing up my 2014 family album! I'm at the point now where I'm going back and looking through my photos for the year and figuring what stories I still want to tell in my album. It's a fun process ... and still I'm anxious to finish it up so I can print my album and look through all my pages for the year!

Created using Just Jaimee's Storyteller 2015 Hunter collection.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2015 Project Life Week 8 (Stacked Journal Cards - 50% off at The Lilypad)

OMG ... Erin W and Kimberlee G have created some AMAZING stacked pocket cards to coordinate with Just Jaimee's Storyteller 2015 Quinn Collection. I haven't used pre-made stacked cards before ... but let me tell you ... I DEFINITELY will from now on. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They may just be my new favorite thing for creating PL pages! 

FYI ... these stacked cards are 50% off at the Lilypad today!

Created with:
Stacked Pocket Cards Vol. 3 a collaboration between Just Jaimee and Kimberlee G
Stacked Pocket Cards Vol. 4 a collaboration between Just Jaimee and Erin W
Stacked Pocket Cards Vol. 5 a collaboration between Just Jaimee and Erin W
Storyteller 2015 Quinn by Just Jaimee

Friday, February 13, 2015

You and Me (I love Selfies with my sweet girl!)

I love taking selfies with my sweet girl!

Real Life in Pockets Valentines I Love You Harder Collection a collaboration by Just Jaimee and Mommyish

2015 Project Life Week 6 (Real Life in Pockets I Love You Harder by Just Jaimee and Mommyish)

I love the Real Life in Pockets collections Just Jaimee and Mommyish create! They're always so fun!

Real Life in Pockets Valentines I Love You Harder Collection a collaboration by Just Jaimee and Mommyish

This Happened

Have you taken Amanda Taylor's Photoshop Power Tools class at Scrapaneers? It's an awesome class! I played with techniques I used in that class to make the extraction of my hubby. I love learning new techniques!

Created with a bunch of goodies from Just Jaimee including mostly Storyteller 2015 Hunter but also bits and pieces from 2015 Storyteller Quinn, March, May and June 2014 Storyteller, Eye Candy, Candid, Owl and also iCaptured collab by Mommyish and Just Jaimee

Love these kids! (Have you checked out the Pennysaver Deals at The Digital Press?)

Have you been checking out the Pennysaver deals at The Digital Press this month? They have a TON (and I mean a TON!) of kits available for only $1. It's a great time to stock up! Just Jaimee (one of my all time favorite designers) released two more Pennysaver kits today. One is called Son and the other Daughter. Guess what, I loved them and I have a son and daughter so of course I made a page for each of my awesome kiddos! I couldn't pass up using the word art she created!

Jaime's got more kits for only $1. You might want to check them out too. On both pages I used her Doodled Borders No. 2 pack. Love them!

Materials used:
Son by Just Jaimee
Daughter by Just Jaimee
Doodled Page Borders No. 2 by Just Jaimee
Ink Runner and Spatter Brushes by Just Jaimee

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Love of a Family Is Life's Greatest Blessing - Just Jaimee $1 Pennysaver Deal at The Digital Press

Have you got a $1 to spare? Just Jaimee released an awesome set of 4 "Photo Collage Cover Page Templates" at The Digital Press. today as part of the Penneysaver deals. The one I chose to play with last night was perfect to include photos of my entire family! Love it!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Beloved - Inspired by Scrapaneers Coffee Break Episode 11 with Judie B

I wanted to share another page I created because of inspiration from Scrapaneers! I created this page after watching Judie Barger's Coffee Break Episode 11. Judie is a master at clustering and after watching her Coffee Break episode I simply HAD to play! I don't typically use such heavy element clusters on my pages ... but after watching Judie in action that might just change! This was fun!!

Page created primarily with Gennifer Bursett's Indian Summer kit at Pixels and Co. as well as the "beloved" title which came from Katie Petitet Designs' Defining Words No. 5. I also used a ton of "this and that" from various other kits from all over digi land.

February Champions subscription at Scrapaneers (I Love Us)

Have you checked out (and hopefully signed up for!) the new Champions subscription at Scrapaneers? It started today and I've checked out the companion e-Book and videos and it's fabulous! Check out this link to read all about Champions - and watch  the video too!

Here's a page I created for this month's subscription. You can read about one of the techniques I used on my page described on page 18 of the e-Book. I created my page using this month's Champions kit called "This is Love" created by my friend Mye De Leon as well as one of this month's templates created by Tiffany Tillman Emanuel. It's all great stuff!

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Polar Vortex of 2014 ... we survived!

We had such an incredibly cold couple of months last January & February. I really wanted to include it somehow in my scrapbook so we remember the craziness! Yes. We survived the Polar Vortex of 2014. 

It turns out all those screenshots I took last winter came in handy. It's a crazy busy page, but I got the details down!

The December Kit by Splendid Fiins and this and that from other Splendid Fiins kits

buttons from Blah and epic.ness by Karla Dudley Designs

My heart belongs to you (Mye De Leon's Butterfly Kisses collection)

Mye De Leon's got such a pretty kit releasing at Snap Click Supply Co. today. I was immediately drawn to the striped ombre paper I used as a background. Isn't it pretty?!
FYI, the Butterfly Kisses Collection is on sale at Snap Click Supply!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

On an Adventure

Created using:
Rock On by Mary Mosely
Messy Stitched Rectangles by Katie Pertiet Designs
Summer Words by Katie Pertiet
Loosely Labeled by Katie Pertiet
Well Traveled stamps by Carina Gardner
Bermuda Triangle Collab. by Pixels & Co.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Guess Who's Eighteen! (epic.ness by Karla Dudley Design)

Guess who's Eighteen!

Created with:
1. epic.ness by Karla Dudley Design
2. Clear Essentials by Karla Dudley Designs
3. The City Alpha by Sahlin Studio

A flashback page ... So many of my smiles begin with you

I ran across this photo when I was scanning photos the other day. It's from way back in 2003 when my kids were 4 and almost 6. I was overwhelmed by how sweet and cute they were. How did they grow up so fast?!

Created using:
Just Loverly by Gennifer Bursett at Pixels & Co.
FONT: KD Life Ultra by Karla Dudley Design

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Let Your Words Be Few (Rockport, Massachusetts)

Playing some more!

1. Half Way Cafe (wood paper) by Cosmo Cricket
2. Burlap Essentials by Katie Pertiet Designs
3. Bold Sentiments No. 5 (wordart) by Katie Pertiet Designs
4. Typewriter Alpha Black by Meredith Cardall
5. Made of Awesome (screws) by Gennifer Bursett
6. Simply Adore You (pin) by Gennifer Bursett

Paradise Getaway

Have I ever mentioned how much I love playing in Photoshop?

1. Pink Paislee: Port Beach Papers
2. Gina Miller: Sandy Toes
3. Pixels & Co. collab: Bermuda Triangle
4, Nancie Rowe Janitz: Sunkissed (beach ball)
5. Echo Park: Beach Party (seahorse)
6. Mommyish: Stylin #78 Wood Veneer Style

7. Jennifer Valencia Photography: Photo Flair Color Wheels

I Love My Guys

I Love My Guys!

1. Splendid Fiins: Keaton's Closet
2. Splendid Fiins: Wishi Washi
3. Splendid Fiins: Mist Mask
4. Splendid Fiins: Brilliant Border Bits
5. Splendid Fiins: Mixed Bag Decorative Tape

6. Font: Lulo Clean and Marketing Script

Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 Project Life Week 5 - Mye De Leon's Minted Collection

Week 5 ... can you believe I forgot to take pictures this week? So weird! Thank goodness for screenshots and a couple of iPhone pics!

Materials used:
Mye De Leon: Minted, 2015 3x4 Calendar Cards & a card from Hey It's OK
Just Jaimee: Storyteller 2015 Glitter Styles

Splendid Fiins: A Photo I Didn't Take