Thursday, January 29, 2015

Six (yes 6!) pages using Just Jaimee's new Storyteller 2015 Quinn collection

Just Jaimee's released a new Storyteller Collection today and I've got to tell you, I'm absolutely IN LOVE. I have played with it A LOT these past couple weeks and I want to share my pages with you. You can check out her collection at The Lilypad here. FYI, it's on a huge sale!

2015 Project Life | Week 4 (Mye De Leon's "Here and Now Collection")

What a busy week ... finals for the kids and then we were off on a mini ski weekend vacation! Life is good!

Created completely with beautiful designs by Mye De Leon including primarily the Here and Now Collection and bits and pieces from 2015 3x4 Calendar Cards, Unscripted (wood camera), Somerset journal card

Playing in the ocean!

I miss summer!

Materials used:
1. Gina Miller: Sandy Toes
2. Cilenia Curtis: Changes (overlay)
3. Katie Pertiet Designs: Everyday Challenge 72609 (overlay)
4. Jodie Lee: Shabby Antique (overlay)
5. One Little Bird: Going Places (explore, dream, discover)
6. Nancie Rowe Janitz: Playful Bits (sun)
7. Alek Regular font

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Materials used:
1. Studio DD: Layer Works No. 313
2. Sugarplum Paperie: My Sweet Girl
3. CD Muckosky: Luv Song Alpha
4. Just Jaimee: Storyteller 2015 Glitter Styles

A girl and her pup

A quick page just because it's a cute photo ...

Materials used:
1. Karla Dudley Designs: Epic.ness
2. Karla Dudley Designs: Friends and This and That
3. Katie Pertiet Designs: Worth Repeating No. 28 (Love This)
4. Carina Gardner: Spring Stamps
5. Wishing Well Creations: Status Update (camera button)

6. Jennifer Valencia: Black and White Beautiful Photoshop Action

Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015 Project Life Week 3 (Mye De Leon's Here and Now Collection)

Just another ordinary week....
Created using: Mye De Leon's Here and Now Collection at Snap Click Supply

Randomness ...

What a relaxing day I'm having! My husband and kids are skiing and snowboarding and I'm sitting here in the lodge relaxing by the fire and scrapping. Life is good!

Materials used "I Love This Life:
Mye De Leon's Here and Now Collection and Snap Click Supply Company

Materials used: "Winter": 
Echo Park Hybrid Winter Park (paper); Michelle Coleman Winter Overlay; Katie Pertiet Designs Defining Christmas (wordart); Julia Makotinsky Frosted Window (overlay); Gina Miller Soccer Buddy photo corners; Simply Tiffany Studios Pink Snow (jewels); Katie Pertiet Designs Tabbed Dates; LivE Designs HoHoHoliday Mice; Mommyish Hipster Holiday (Mustache through the snow

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Memories in Focus ... Climbing the roof with Dad

I wasn't sure what to do with these photos so I went with a simple grid design. You can never go wrong with a grid.

Materials used: Karla Dudley Designs: Life 365, Clear Essentials, Update buttons, Messy White Borders No. 3, Stamped Stitches No. 10 and Clear Essentials; Wishing Well Creations: Everyday Life Library Card Date Stamps; Katie Pertiet Designs: Banner Safety Tags No. 1 and Bracketed Sentiments No. 3

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Memories of Summer ... Cedar Point Resort

Bringing back memories of summer. I do so love playing in Photoshop!

I snapped this photo from the door of our cabin at my sister and brother-in-law's resort. (Cedar Point Resort in Marcell, Minnesota) It's a beautiful place!

Materials used:
(1) Sabrina's Creations: In the Making (photography quote) 
(2) Mye De Leon: Abundance (wire mesh)
(3) Jodie Lee: Arthouse Texture Overlays No. 1 and Gypsy Canvas Overlays
(4) Sugarplum Paperie: Heart Art - An Open Book
(5) Karla Dudley Design: Light 365 Word Stickers
(6) Katie Pertiet Design: All You Need Overlays (Photography) and (7) Worth Repeating No. 10
(7) Cilenia Curtis: Gesso Luv
(8) Nancie Rowe Janitz: Sanded Edge Overlays
(9) Becky Higgins: Turquoise Edition Extra Elements
(10) Mommyish: Scholastic
(11) Shabby Princess: Hopscotch (tape measure)
(12) Shabby Princess: Plentiful (heart lock)

Monday, January 19, 2015

#Our Family Rocks

You've gotta scrap all cute family photos, right?!

Materials used: Karla Dudley Designs: The Good Stuff kit; Epic.ness stitches; KD Life font

Epicness ... hanging out with my son

I love any chance I get to hang out with my son ... just the two of us. He's a great young man!

Materials used:
Karla Dudley Designs: Epic.ness, Clear Essentials (acrylic), Blah (tag) and Right Now (Love Much brush); The Digital Press: Prism (ink spatter); Sabrina's Creations: Clean and Simple No. 14; Just Jaimee: Storyteller 2015 Glitter Styles

Sunday, January 18, 2015

It's here! My 2014 Project Life book has arrived

My 2014 Project Life book arrived this week ... all 140 pages of it ... and I wanted to share my excitement. It's always so fun getting a book in the mail and seeing IRL that all those hours spent playing in Photoshop (which I enjoyed every minute of BTW!) have paid off and seeing so many of my family's memories documented in such a tangible way!

BTW .. once again Blurb did a fabulous job with the printing. It makes me more excited    (impatient?) because I've got 2 more books that I'm waiting to receive - hopefully this week - that I sent off to print after this book!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

One for the record books ...

Ahhh ... the joy of a completely unscheduled holiday weekend; I can scrap whenever the mood strikes!

Page created using: 
(1) Audacious Designs: Competitive Spirit (pennant pieces)
(2) Lisa Sisneros: Glad 2BA Grad
(3) Karla Dudley Designs: Jumbo Sentiment Cards (time), Noted (tag) and Take Note (heart)
(4) Katie Pertiet Designs: School Mates Kit (clock)
(5) Splendid Fiins: Mist Masks
FONTS: Tiza, Sign Painter, Traveling Typewriter

Friday, January 16, 2015

True Story | City Coyote

I was happy to have been able to get such a good photo of this coyote that was hanging out in our back yard a couple weeks ago (we live in the suburbs!).

Materials used: (1) Paislee Press: Diptych; (2) One Little Bird: Click, (3) Agnes BIro: Coffee Stains; (4) One Little Bird: Retrospective (journalc card); (5) Karen Funk: Enjoy the Journey (ink spatter) (Inspired by a layout on Gallery Standouts a couple weeks ago ... I just wish I could credit the actual artist!)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Really Mom? Just really!

Playing around in Photoshop tonight. This is not a smiley photo ... obviously ... but it shows the occasional (not often) teenage girl attitude. Embrace life right now, right? I love this girl - occasional attitude and all! She makes me laugh!

Materials used:
1) Julia Makotinsky: Dreams of Love; 2) Scotty Girl Designs: This Year 2014 Flairs; 3) Anna Aspnes:  Sketchy Loop Da Loop; 4) Cilenia Curtis: Changes (doodle); 5) Sweet Caroline Studios: Snap Click Repeat (wordart)

Who's the finder of all things lost? I am! I am! (Krafting with Karla at Scrapaneers)

You know how you run across funny comics and sometimes they really hit close to home? Well that's what happened with this comic, so of course I had a scrap a page with it! It's real life now ... definitely something I think the kids will remember about life at home when they get older!

Also ... I'm taking Karla Dudley's self paced Krafting with Karla class at Scrapaneers. What fun! It's definitely a chance to learn from the master!

Materials used:
1) Karla Dudley: Life 365 papers and stamp sheet; 2) Karla Dudley: KD Statuesque font; 3) Karla Dudley: Painted Edges; 4) Karla Dudley: Clear Essentials No. 1 (acrylic heart); 5) Mommyish: Stylin #91 Chipboard and Emboss Styles; 6) Splendid Fiins: @ the Office Paper Pack No. 1 (file tab paper); 7) Comic screenshot from Nick Mom

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Whale Watching ... playing in Photoshop

I took about a zillion photos during our whale watching excursion this summer. Since I had a hard time paring things down and cutting out photos, I've got a super busy page to share ...

I love PS and blending and masking photos!

Materials used:
Anita Designs | Seaside Serenity

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 Project Life | Weeks 1 and 2

2015 Project Life has officially begun! Let the memories begin ...

Materials used:

Week 1:
Materials used:

Week2 (lots of this and that):
Splendid Fiins: December 2013 kit, Fauxlaroid, Wishi Washi, 3x4 Look at This Journal Cards, Love Yooo Frames
Just Jaimee: Storyteller 2015 Hunter, Storyteller 2015 Month 3x4 Pocket Calendar Cards
Katie Pertiet Designs: Capped Winter
One Little Bird: Stay Tuned Journal Cards
Sahlin Studios: Currently Cards
Mye De Leon: Blush 2x2 Journal Cards
Sabina's Creations: In the Making Elements

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mini Books for Christmas Photos and Cards (can I call it a hybrid project?!)

Are you looking for something quick and fun to do with all the Christmas photos and cards you received this year? If you don't want to store them in an envelope or *gasp* throw them away you could make a quick mini book for them. This is my 4th year of making mini books for my Christmas cards/photos and I love it! 

All I had to do was design a simple cover using Gennifer Bursett's Be Joyful mini kit at Pixels & Co. (You could even just use a pretty Christmas card or photo as the cover too). After I printed the cover at Costco I glued it to thin cardboard (just so it's a bit more sturdy), punched holes in the cover and photos/cards and bound it all together with jump rings. I still have a box of ribbon from my paper scrapping days so I added some ribbons too to jazz it up a bit (and to use some ribbons!).
For the Christmas letters, I just folded them up and put them in an envelope and clipped the envelope to the jump rings too. It's a really quick project!

Can I even call this a bit of a hybrid project?

For more ideas, here are the books I made for the previous 3 years:

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Time for a new Timeline & Blogger Header

Well ... I suppose now that the Christmas decorations are down and packed away, it's time to update my Facebook design/scrapbook page and my Blogger header with something fresh and new! I used Just Jaimee's April Storyteller Kit to create the headers.  I was going for bright and cheerful! Remember, scrapbook kits aren't just for scrapbook pages you know!

Hey ... BTW, if you want to visit and "Like" my Facebook design page, you can find me here. I post my pages and designs and occasionally offer up template freebies to share as well.

Have a great day!

Watch Out! There's another driver on the road!

My daughter got her drivers permit in November ... and I've got to tell you, she couldn't be happier. She LOVES to drive and she's doing really well! I'm going to pat myself on the back too. Typically I'm not the person you want to be a driving instructor. I get far too nervous. BUT ... I've been doing great with Lauren. I don't know if I've relaxed since my son first got his permit 3 years ago or if she's just doing so well. Either way ... I've driven with her far more often than I did with my son when he was first driving. Yay Lauren! Yay me! (I'm not great at being an instructor yet, but I am BETTER!)

And yay Just Jaimee for your awesome Storyteller Collections that are just so fun to scrap with!

Materials used:
JUST JAIMEE | June Storyteller 2014, Doodled Page Borders + this and that from April 2014 Storyteller

Carpe the heck out of this diem ... (Just Jaimee's Storyteller 2015 Hunter Collection)

Yup. An actual layout about me. Weird, right?!

I made this page using Just Jaimee's Storyteller 2015 Hunter Collection for a January challenge at The Lilypad for Storyteller subscribers. The challenge was simply to create a layout with a white or gray base paper and that base paper had to take up 80% of the background. That's about it for the challenge. As you've possibly noticed, often I use lots of colors and patterns for my backgrounds so this was a change for me. I've got to say though, it was fun! Just Jaimee's collections with all the paints and other awesomeness made this page come together pretty quicky. :)

I'm going to add ... thanks to my daughter to wandering the beach with me and snapping photos. She and I were both snapping photos like crazy. It was great!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

#Selfie: The Girls! (Just Jaimee's Beautiful Like Me kit)

Created with a kit "Beautiful Like Me" that Just Jaimee available at The Lilypad today! It's on sale too!

I love this photo. My niece snapped this selfie of "the girls" at her 16th birthday party. I jumped in at the last moment because I just KNEW she wanted me in the photo! lol!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

December Traditions | The Album Covers!

This is it! I thought I'd share the album covers that I created for my December book. It's officially done now I'm super excited!

December Traditions | Album Front Cover
Materials used: MYE DE LEON | Merriment papers; JUST JAIMEE | Storyteller 2015 glitter styles

December Traditions | Album Back Cover
Materials used: MYE DE LEON | Merriment papers & smears; KATIE PERTIET DESIGNS | Christmas Carol Snips; KATIE PERTIET DESIGNS | Loosely Labeled No. 4; KATIE PERTIET DESIGNS | Postage Frame Clusters

Monday, January 5, 2015

December Traditions | Feeling Nostalgic

I had an idea to make a couple pages for my December album to showcase photos of my kids when they were little. Oh my. As I glanced through old photos I felt incredibly nostalgic.  I enjoyed myself so much! So, to share the joy I experienced, I included as many old photos on these pages as I could. I don't think there's any need to tell a story about a particular photo - just look and remember and smile!