Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oma's Christmas card (only a couple of hours from an idea to printing!)

My mom was in town this past weekend for Thanksgiving. Sunday morning we were talking and we thought it would be great if she sent out a picture Christmas card this year. It was a completely spur of the moment kinda thing. She needed a picture of the family for the card and we hadn't taken a big group photo yet this year so - like I said, spur of the moment - we shuffled the furniture in my living room, set my camera on a tripod and everyone squeezed together for a casual family photo. It was fun. After we snapped a bunch of group photos the kids wanted to have a cousin picture so they decided they wanted a kid pyramid. What a fun idea. I LOVE that photo!

We of course had more spur of the moment fun. Mom and I checked out the Christmas cards Costco and Walmart had to offer (she wanted to order some place where she could pick up her cards easily) and none of their designs really fit the bill for the two photos we wanted to use. We decided to design our own card. In about 15 minutes time Mom and I sat on the couch and I designed this card. I love it. With the awesomeness of the internet and online ordering Mom had her cards printed and in her hands in about 2 hours time. You've gotta love it!

From the initial thought of sending out a Christmas card, to taking the pictures, to designing and printing the cards - not more than a couple of hours passed! No wasting time in our household!

So ... I wanted to share her card ... FYI, it's using papers, ribbons, overlays and a postage stamp frame from Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals.

Now ... I really need to put something together for my Christmas card one of these days!!

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