Monday, November 26, 2012

Family Pics / An Awesome Thanksgiving / Time for Christmas Prep!

It’s back to a normal routine today. Those of us in the US celebrated Thanksgiving this past weekend. We had such a fun and busy holiday. We spent lots of time with the extended and immediate family. We always enjoy that! Despite spending so much time with the family for some reason I didn’t take as many photos as I might have liked. I wonder how that happened! I did get some fun photos though!

My mother decided to send out Christmas picture cards this year (yay!) so as my family was getting ready to head out the door Sunday afternoon we all posed for a picture (yup, totally last minute!). I’m so glad we did that! Then afterwards the cousins wanted a fun picture of just them as well. I thought I’d share these photos cuz they’re so fun! I love these kids!

Unfortunately, we forgot to get a cousin photo on my husband’s side of the family. Christmas is right around the corner though so we can do that in just a month!

So, with Thanksgiving over it’s time to switch gears and begin Christmas prep. Tonight we're going to put up our Christmas decorations. I love that! Can't wait!

Happy holidays!

 I love these kids!

  What goes up must come down!

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