Tuesday, November 13, 2012

gooey. greasy. grimey. pumpkin guts.

The carving of a 52 pound monster pumpkin ... 

This is by far the largest pumpkin we've ever gotten. It was the day before Halloween and we had yet to carve a pumpkin or put up any Halloween decorations. (We were - I should probably say I was - kind of a dud this year I'm sorry to say.) We did buy candy though! It's a tradition that my husband carves pumpkins with the kids every year. My son wasn't interested in carving a pumpkin this year but my daughter definitely was. She's the one who picked out this giant pumpkin. I thought the pumpkin was a bit large, but I told her that as long as she was strong enough to carry it we'd get it. She could barely carry it, but she did manage. {She was pretty excited about it.}

It was funny ... when we got home she was going to carry the pumpkin in the house, but since her brother came out to check it out she let him carry it in. He carried it with ease - didn't struggle even the slightest bit - the way she did. I think she was pretty impressed with him (or else it might have just made her feel weak). I choose to think that she was impressed with her big brother! LOL!

To create this page I used:
Design by Dani's That Old Black Magic kit
Katie Pertiet's Photo Clusters No. 31, Fine Lines Borders 8, Worth Repeating Fall & Stitched Border
Nancie Rowe Janitz's Oct 31 Brush Set
and finally the fonts Very Fine Serif and Marketing Script

Oh ... I said we were duds. That's not completely true. When my daughter got home from school on Halloween she grabbed my husband's roll of "Caution" tape and essentially wrapped up our entire yard with it. It was kind of fun actually. I'll show you a picture of our yard (and the kids). I think all we were missing was a CSI-style outline of a body in the yard. Maybe next year!! LOL!

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