Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our Week at Cedar Point Resort - a Splendid Fiins "Kinda Sketchy" kinda layouts!

Happy Sunday all. My weekend of unending scrapping is quickly coming to a close. My husband the kiddos will be home in a couple of hours and my sister and my niece - who are coming to spend the night - will be here in a few minutes. You know, I've enjoyed all this "me time" but I'm quite ready to have a house full of people again. I got a little bit lonely here at home. {I'm certainly not saying I didn't appreciate the quiet me-time though!} I sure got a lot of scrapping done AND I got a fair amount of my family room organized so it's more ready (not completely ready) to be painted, etc. etc. At least I got something accomplished!

I actually posted these pages yesterday as two page spreads. I've tweaked the pages just a little bit and thought I'd post the pages now that I think they're in final. I like looking at them together as 2-page layouts, but it's nice for me to be able to look at them one page at a time. I like to be able to look back at my postings and my pages and really look at the pictures and remember the events and that's easier to do when they're bigger pages.

Anyway ... here's a recap of some of our 4th of July week at the resort!

Looking at all these pages together makes me feel more like I got a bit done this weekend. Yay! I even got two more pages scrapped for this week up north, but those are posted separately. My "Outhouse" page is even done now. It's a really journaling intensive page and I want to wait until my sister and my niece read it and tell me if my understanding of the events is correct. More on that later! ...

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  1. It was a great week with the whole family. I loved it