Friday, July 20, 2012

A Monopoly / Game Board Scrapbook Page!

I wanted to share an old digi page with you this morning. This is a page I created way back in early 2008 as the intro page to my 2007 family scrapbook. I’d completely forgotten about it until I ran across it the other day while looking at pictures on my iPhone of all places while I was sitting in the waiting room at my daughter’s dentist office. {I keep the WEB versions of all of my digi pages on my iPhone. I like to look back at them sometimes when I’m killing time. It’s kinda fun!}

I created this page back in the early days when I was just starting to digiscrap. I still really like it a lot. Looking at it makes me want to check out our game boards at home to see what other game board style pages I can create for my new books.

Anyway … I just thought I’d share this page this morning! If it inspires any of you to create a game board style page, I’d love it if you’d send me a link to your page. I’d love to see it!

Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. This is SO awesome! I really love the idea of a game board themed page. What a unique/fun idea!!!