Tuesday, August 7, 2012

P365+1: Week 31: July 29 - August 3, 2012

What a busy week we had. We spent all of our non work hours this week working on the family room: painting, packing things up, donating almost ALL of our old furniture, cleaning carpets, etc. Like I said, it was really busy. I take credit for doing a lot but Scott by far did the most: he did all the painting and carpet cleaning and taking apart of what needed to be taken apart (and more that I'm probably not remembering at the moment).

I got a call early in the week that our new furniture was in early (yay!) and that I could set up delivery. (We thought it would be another 2 weeks before the furniture arrived so had planned our projects accordingly.) I was offered delivery on Thursday Friday or Saturday and I took Saturday because I knew we had so much to get done. I was thrilled. Scott's response: "Great. I guess sleep is an option." It really did turn into an option - a luxury that he didn't get to have much of this week. To say that he was really busy would be an understatement. Note to Scott: I really do appreciate you!

It all came together, we got done what we needed to get done and I'm absolutely thrilled with the way everything is coming together. I (actually my daughter and I) still have shopping to do. I need to find stuff for the walls. For instance I want to do a gallery wall so I've been scouring my Pinterest boards and have some ideas. It'll get there! What fun!

In addition:
My son was gone all week - actually for 10 days. He had an opportunity to join friends on a 10 day sailing trip on Lake Michigan. (Lucky kid!) He had a fantastic time. Of course being a teenage boy he didn't feel the need to contact me during his time away, but thankfully my friend Kathy texted me with updates and pictures every day. I love technology! Next I'm going to do a page for my POTD book of photos Kathy texted me. {There's always more to be scrapped, right?!}

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