Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gone Sailing - on Lake Michgan

Friends of ours were going on a vacation and spending 10 days sailing on Lake Michigan. My son is close friends with their son (and has sailed with them a few other times) and they asked him to join them for the trip. He was thrilled to join them! He flew out to Chicago (and back) by himself and they took him on their fabulous vacation with them. He had a great time. 

Of course everything I heard about the trip during the time they were gone I learned via text messages from my friend. {By the way, thank you SOOO much for that Kathy! Your daily messages really meant a lot to me.} Apparently my teenage son didn't think of us much and didn't feel the need to communicate with us much during the trip. OK, he did text us once, but it was a short and to the point message. We knew he was in good hands and that he was having a fabulous time ... (and I was getting updates from Kathy), so we were o.k. with that.

In any event, Kathy shared these iPhone photos with me in their absence and I used them to compile this page for my POTD book. What a great time ... and what a lucky kid!

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  1. Beautiful page. Love the clean lines and the grey really makes the photos pop.