Sunday, August 26, 2012

Father/Son Golf Tournament

How's this for timely? These are photos I took TODAY at the end of the Father/Son Golf Tournament that Scott, Grant, Mark and Don were playing in. I scrapped this page in the car on our way home from Gma & Gpa's house. I feel so productive when I scrap pages in the car! :)

What a fun weekend we had! Scott and Don have been playing in this tournament for years now. Mark generally isn't in town, but he was around this year so he played as well. Yay! Grant has never played - he's just learning how to play golf. The guys thought it would be great if Grant would join them in the father/son tournament - and make a new family tradition. Not knowing what he'd think about the idea they asked him and he said right off that he'd like to play. They were so glad! I was so glad. 

After all was said and done I was so happy that Grant enjoyed himself. He had a great time playing 18 holes of golf both Saturday and Sunday. They said his game kept improving as the days went on. I'd be SO HAPPY if Grant took up the game of golf and could play with Scott and Grandpa more regularly! Love it!

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