Monday, October 29, 2012

So much to be thankful for

About two weeks ago, as we were heading out one Sunday morning to go to my nephew's confirmation ceremony, I asked my family REALLY nicely if they'd come outside with me to take a family picture. They're always (ok, almost always) good about that. (I do have teenaged kids though so sometimes they're just-not-in-the-mood to pose for a picture. I can understand that.) We set up the tripod and grabbed the remote shutter clicker (what ARE those things called?) and snapped some pictures. We had some competition over who got to use the clicker thingy (again, what's it called?), but we got a picture of us that I liked. Yay!

I used one of Simply Tiffany's Studio's new Modern Masters templates for this page.  I changed it up up a fair amount to "make it mine" but I love the way the page turned out. Usually, when I use the Modern Masters, I end up with a much more graphic style page. It's kinda fun like this too.  (I LOVE the Masters template series!). I paired my layout with Design by Dani's Softly Falling fall kit and voila ... so much to be thankful for!

For all of you on the East coast. I hope you're staying safe with the storm. We've got the news on now and it's really pretty scary out there. Good luck all!

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  1. Great Thanksgiving Family Photo. Very artfully done