Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our awesome new neighbors

We've got new(ish) neighbors. They moved in last fall. We really like them a lot and they've got two absolutely ADORABLE little kids. They completely remind me of my kiddos when they were little like that. Ahh ... trips down memory lane.

My daughter adores these kids and they have taken quite a liking to her as well. It's so sweet, they come over all the time and play with my daughter in the driveway. It's almost guaranteed, when they have to go home, they're sad and there are tears shed. They're so sweet. I love this photo and want to have it in the scrapbooks. I imagine in a few years it'll be fun to look back at how little they were! The same will be true of my daughter too I'm sure!

This page is scrapped entirely with Design by Dani's (Dani Mogstad's) Playdate kit. The Playdate kit is the same kit I used last night for my "Siblings" page about my husband and his brother and sister. Quite a versatile kit!

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