Friday, September 28, 2012


This is weird. I REALLY don't do pages about me very often. I'm a bit uncomfortable posting it, but I think it's important that we scrappers (family story tellers) make sure we show up in our scrapbooks too. At a recent event I attended (SpragueFest for you scrappy people) we had a session on taking and editing headshots, so we took each other's pictures. I'm not sure if my friend Anne Marie or Lisa took this picture, I got a selection of photos from each of them. Either way, if you read this, thanks ladies!

Here's my journaling:

I'm not in a lot of photos. It's my fault, I'm always holding the camera. (I love being the family story teller!) We've been working on taking more photos with me in them, so I've been showing up in the scrapbooks a bit more. Yay! What I don't have though are many individual pictures of me, so I wanted to scrap this photo (taken by friends at SpragueFest). Years down the road, when I'm old and grey(er!), I want the kids to be able to look back, point to this page and say: There's my Mom! She sure loved us!

Supplies for this page:  Dreams of Love kit by Julia Makotinsky.

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  1. Yahoo for a page about you! We expect to see more now that you have a bunch of phots of yourself from Spraguefest.