Monday, September 17, 2012

Go jump in the lake!

We were up north celebrating a bunch of family birthdays this weekend. We were all sitting outside at the hotel enjoying the beautiful fall weather when my father-in-law dared my son to go jump in the lake with his clothes on for $20. (I think he assumed he wouldn't do it.) Without a moment's hesitation, my son IMMEDIATELY began walking to the dock to jump in. My father-in-law proceeded to try and talk him down on the money. Still, my son wanted cash and was going to do it. In the end my niece wanted to see him jump in so she paid him $5, my father-in-law paid him $10 and I paid him $5 (because I wanted to get some fun photos and because I wanted him to make the $20 he was originally offered).

It was quite fun and - as you can see - made for some fun photos! I love it! It was a fun time and my son got cash - a win-win situation!

You can find the credits for this layout here. {FYI, it's primarily product by Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals along with postage stamp frames from Pink Paislee at Jessica Sprague.}

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