Thursday, May 15, 2014

High School Registration | Guide To Shadowing Class at Scrapaneers

I'm playing in Photoshop tonight. I'm taking Tiffany Tillman's Digi Scrap School Guide to Shadowing class at Scrapaneers. Click here if you want to check out the class. What fun! While I felt like I knew a fair bit of the ins and outs of shadowing ... this week's lessons were really packed with things I hadn't thought of and hadn't done before. I love learning new things in Photoshop! Yup, I might be kind of a computer geek! (And I'm proud of it! LOL!)

Materials used:
Get Schooled by Mommyish
Happiness Lies Within Smear by Mye De Leon
Chalkboard Journal Cards by Karen Funk
Template by Simply Tiffany Studios for her Guide to Shadowing Class at Scrapaneers

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