Sunday, December 7, 2014

Happy 18th birthday!

I completely forgot to share this page. I've got grand plans. For 6 or 7 years I've been making number pages for my kids birthdays. Now that my son is 18 I'd like to make a bound book. I'm going to stop making the # pages at 18 (I'm a little sad about that) so my thought is that I'll go back to the previous 10 or so years and make # pages for the earlier years. That's a bigger project than it sounds like because so many of the years are pre-digital so I need to do lots of scanning. I do not enjoy scanning but I'll do it! I want to get it done before my son's graduation in the spring. I thought I'd also make a facing page for each of the years and do a large spotlight photo on the facing page. Hopefully now that I've actually written this down I'm committed! lol! Wish me luck!

FYI, I can't believe my son is 18 years old! Time flies. He's an awesome, awesome kid!

Materials used:
Karla Dudley Designs | Butterfly kit, Dreamer Frames, The Good Stuff Buttons, Anywhere Frames; Creasers Vol. 1 by LivE Designs

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