Saturday, January 10, 2015

Watch Out! There's another driver on the road!

My daughter got her drivers permit in November ... and I've got to tell you, she couldn't be happier. She LOVES to drive and she's doing really well! I'm going to pat myself on the back too. Typically I'm not the person you want to be a driving instructor. I get far too nervous. BUT ... I've been doing great with Lauren. I don't know if I've relaxed since my son first got his permit 3 years ago or if she's just doing so well. Either way ... I've driven with her far more often than I did with my son when he was first driving. Yay Lauren! Yay me! (I'm not great at being an instructor yet, but I am BETTER!)

And yay Just Jaimee for your awesome Storyteller Collections that are just so fun to scrap with!

Materials used:
JUST JAIMEE | June Storyteller 2014, Doodled Page Borders + this and that from April 2014 Storyteller

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