Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mini Books for Christmas Photos and Cards (can I call it a hybrid project?!)

Are you looking for something quick and fun to do with all the Christmas photos and cards you received this year? If you don't want to store them in an envelope or *gasp* throw them away you could make a quick mini book for them. This is my 4th year of making mini books for my Christmas cards/photos and I love it! 

All I had to do was design a simple cover using Gennifer Bursett's Be Joyful mini kit at Pixels & Co. (You could even just use a pretty Christmas card or photo as the cover too). After I printed the cover at Costco I glued it to thin cardboard (just so it's a bit more sturdy), punched holes in the cover and photos/cards and bound it all together with jump rings. I still have a box of ribbon from my paper scrapping days so I added some ribbons too to jazz it up a bit (and to use some ribbons!).
For the Christmas letters, I just folded them up and put them in an envelope and clipped the envelope to the jump rings too. It's a really quick project!

Can I even call this a bit of a hybrid project?

For more ideas, here are the books I made for the previous 3 years:

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