Monday, November 24, 2014

2014 Project Life | Week 47

I used my friend Mye De Leon's gorgeous new I Collect Memories Merriment Collection to make this week's Project Life pages. The entire collection is on sale for only $10 through tomorrow at Snap Click Supply Co. in case you want to check out an awesome deal!

It seems like the focus this week was on driving. My daughter got her drivers permit ... she is positively thrilled! Also, my son got into a fender bender at a parking lot this week.  No one was hurt so really - the fact that no one was hurt is all that really matters. Other than that, it was quite an expensive lesson, but we are so proud of how he handled himself. He left a note on the car he hit and has been taking responsibility. Scott was out of town the beginning of the week so Grant did all the talking with the other car owner earlier the week. This kid is growing up. What a great kid! Yes, I'm going to call him a kid. He's not 18 for another week so I get to say kid for a few more days, right? 

Materials used:

I Collect Memories Merriment Collection by Mye De Leon (+ twig from Peppermint Winter)

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