Sunday, May 28, 2017


The story:

What do I remember/know?
  • Pictured in this photo are me (Barbara (May) Unzen, my friend Janice Thorau and behind Janice would most likely be my sister Karen (May) Senger).
  • We apparently had biked to the public pool in New Ulm. Since there’s a photo, Mom must have been there. We don’t have all that many childhood photos so I wonder why it was a photo-worthy occasion. Hmm.
  • It was 1974 which makes me 11 years old. 1974 . . . aren’t the bikes fun? Check out our cool bike baskets. Great swimsuits, right?
  • These days everyone knows about US Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. In those days we had Mark Spitz and I remember there were posters Mark Spitz at the pool.
  • An amusing (to me at least) memory that comes to mind seeing this photo is of me taking swimming lessons at the public pool. I’m not sure this is accurate, but I remember that at some point I "failed" my swimming lessons and I was mad. “If you're not going to pass me, I'll show you. I'm not going to take lessons anymore, so there.” FYI, I was always a perfectly competent swimmer so obviously it was OK.


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