Saturday, April 23, 2016

2015 Album Covers ... I'm almost ready to print!

I'm getting REALLY close now. The last thing I create for my annual family albums are the front and back album covers and I've created them now! I've currently got (unless I create another page or two) 265 pages that I've for the 2015 albums so I will break it into two books (January-June and July-December). I believe with Blurb I could print it all in one book (I'm not sure though), but at 12x12 the book is too heavy for me so I put them in two books.

I've still got an idea for another page for two for the album, but that's about it. :) 

Also, I've got a 35% off coupon to print at Blurb that expires on the 28th so I want to get my books off to print by then. I love getting my books in hand so this is an exciting time for me!

January to June book: Front album cover

January-June book: Back album cover

July-December book: Front album cover

July-December book: Back album cover

Materials used:
1. Karla Noel Designs: Blah kit (I don't think it's available any more though)
Font (free from is FoglihtenNo.6. I love that font so check it out if it interests you!

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